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A relatively quick visit to Grooteschuur hospital

After arriving at Grooteschuur Hospital at just before eleven am. We first handed my Hospital card in at the Female Incontinence Clinic. So they could take out my folder so long and prepare things for the doctors as they haven’t arrived yet. Then we proceeded on to cafeteria to have a quick snack and a nice cup of tea. Before heading to the dietitian, but the one whom I see had a meeting to attend, he instructed the receptionist to weigh me and issue me with more supplement. He also said that she must just rebook me. When I have another appointment at the hospital. I then proceeded back to the clinic to see the doctor. During he consult the doctor wanted me to have a blood sample to be drawn in order to check my kidney function. Again putting me on to the Botox list and took my mother’s contact details, as they are trying to cut out the tablet. Which I take twice daily. Hopefully I will one day be able to be treated with only the Botox. Before leaving the clinic I asked the nurse to help me sort out my Respiratory appointment time with the clinic administration clerk. We went on to OT to collect a referral letter for home based care from her. Then as she was the one who had suggested I get an ankle support from Dischem, Às all of the ankle supports look similar on the internet. I accidentally chose the wrong one which I thought would be the correct one. As I am unable to wear it with a shoe, and I will improve my walking. She sent a picture of the correct one to my cellphone, so that I can exchange it.

The incorrect one which is meant for to provide comfort while sleeping for someone who has tendinitis and foot fascitis
The correct one which I need as I can wear it with a supportive shoe to improve my balance while walking

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