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My ever changing life

Coping with physical changes: Daily I wake up to something new each and everyday it’s a being on a new roller coaster ride, each and everyday which is starting to become a bit tiring now. Sometimes resulting in an unexpected and or unexplained pain in a new part of my body and or swelling. IContinue reading “My ever changing life”


My latest adventure to Greenpoint stadium

Yesterday was quite an adventurous day for me, as I attended my youngest nephew’s athletics day which started at about eight o’ clock in the morning at Greenpoint stadium. Upon arrival at the stadium we couldn’t see any ramps up to the shaded area of the stadium my brother-in-law, swiftly lifted me up out ofContinue reading “My latest adventure to Greenpoint stadium”

“My take on life in South Africa”

Everyone has their own daily struggles to deal with. Especially those who are solely dependent on state grants, although they increase yearly. At the same time food and almost all other basic necessities increase almost daily. Without family who are willing, and are able to financially support them when and where needed. I am sureContinue reading ““My take on life in South Africa””

A relatively quick visit to Grooteschuur hospital

After arriving at Grooteschuur Hospital at just before eleven am. We first handed my Hospital card in at the Female Incontinence Clinic. So they could take out my folder so long and prepare things for the doctors as they haven’t arrived yet. Then we proceeded on to cafeteria to have a quick snack and aContinue reading “A relatively quick visit to Grooteschuur hospital”

Yet another day spent at Gsh

Reception and pharmacy Yesterday my day started at the Grooteschuur Hospital reception area at about ten where, I waited for my folder and got it reasonably quickly. After which I proceeded to the pharmacy to get my follow up medication also getting it fairly quickly. Dietetics: After losing nine hundred grams in two months myContinue reading “Yet another day spent at Gsh”