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“My Introversion”

As I am relatively soft spoken and having a speech defect. My voice often gets drowned out by others. Then there is the fact that I am slowly becoming more and more dependent on those close to me, and or various support aids. Which are readily available to me at home. Making me quite an introverted person when around strangers. Not really enjoying social gatherings and or celebrations, unless it’s for those who are closest to me. I will try my best to put my own insecurities aside, weather permitting and how physically strong I am feeling on that specific day. Especially when it comes to celebrating my own birthday. The ideal birthday celebration would simply be enjoying a relaxing day in front of the television at home. Enjoying a nice tasty home cooked meal. Surrounded by only those who are closest to me. If they are able to make it if not they can simply call or send me a message via WhatsApp if they happen to remember.

If I could just chill at home all year rose I would be in seventh heaven

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